My research question is whether the size of ones ear (measured from the top of the ear or the highest point of the ear, straight down to the bottom of the lobe or the lowest point of ones ear) can be used to predict a persons height.

I will measure this first, by determining the size of ones ear and then second, by measuring their height.

I predict there will be little to no correlation between ear size and height.

What follows is the data and analysis of my study:




Analysis of Results:
In conclusion my results do not support my original hypothesis that ear size has little to no correlation with height. This data shows that within this sample of 20 Antioch students, ear size could in fact be used to indicate ones height.

There could be many sources of confounding influences for this study. The data did not differentiate between male or female. It was casually observed, through data collection, that males typically have larger ears than females. This might have skewed results to look more positive than they really are. Also, the population studied was mainly white graduate students at Antioch University. It might be interesting to study ear size in relation to height between different demographics, such as age, income, education or even race.